Branson backs change

Sir Richard Branson has voiced his support for changing Australia’s drug legislation. As a member of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, he said “It’s something I couldn’t agree with more. We’ve just got to get drug policy changed in Australia.”

Branson backs change to policy so that drug addiction is treated as a health problem and not a criminal problem. He hopes that all Australians will get the fair treatment they deserve.

One example of the inadequate services available for drug treatment. It takes half a million steps to walk from Dubbo to Sydney – this is the distance a person in regional New South Wales may have to travel just to reach the treatment they need. As a result, in October 2018, Uniting are launching the Long Walk to Treatment. Together we’re walking step by step from Dubbo to Sydney to create a new path for drug reform and deliver a policy document that brings care closer to home.