“Premier, you promised. Drug Summit Now.”

Banner drop across from NSW Parliament today:

“Premier, you promised. Drug Summit Now.”

Emma Maiden, General Manager External Relations and Advocacy at Uniting NSW.ACT said: “We are taking this action today to appeal directly to Premier Minns, on Budget eve, to set a date for the long-promised drug summit in NSW. We need to make clear our frustration at the level of inaction we are seeing on what was a key election promise.

“The banner reads: Premier, you promised. Drug Summit Now.

“It’s clear, even as we wait to hear when NSW will be given a date for a drug summit, that real, meaningful drug reform has broad and overwhelming political and community support and is urgently needed.

“We want to see NSW become a leader, once again, in fair and sensible drug policy.

“The people of NSW deserve to know exactly when we will get this long-promised Drug Summit.

“People with lived experience of drug use and dependency and their families have already waited a very long time for real reform and we are calling, once again, for Premier Minns to urgently set a date.

“Let’s not forget the drug summit is just a process that we hope will lead to reform. To ask the families of NSW to potentially wait until the end of this parliamentary term (March 2027) for the promised drug summit fails to understand the urgency of this issue.