Interfaith Prayer Service for Treatment and Justice

Join us at our Interfaith Prayer Service to promote justice and treatment for people living with drug and alcohol dependency. This will be an opportunity to stand in unity with people and leaders across a broad spectrum of faiths to extend compassion and support to those living with dependency. Hear from speakers from the Uniting […]

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Statement of support – NSW proposed drug law reforms

Twenty-seven legal, medical, health, community and church groups, have welcomed news that the NSW Government is considering changing the law regarding small quantities of drugs and instead introduce a diversionary system.   This group, many of whom are members of the Fair Treatment campaign, has long-campaigned for such a move, arguing drug laws should be reformed so that drug use […]

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Decriminalisation Discussion Paper launched

Uniting has released a pivotal Decriminalisation Discussion Paper that delves deeper into options for changing the law around the possession and use of drugs. The paper (click here to download) was prepared in collaboration with Fair Treatment partners Prof. Alison Ritter, Will Tregoning, Dr Marianne Jauncey, who formed a working group with Emma Maiden and […]

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