Chris Minns

Budget Disappointment: Drug Summit Missing from Funding

The NSW Government launched the State Budget on the 19th, and there was a big thing missing- the drug summit. Professor Dan Howard, leader of the Ice Inquiry, said that “It is astonishing that there is nothing in this budget for a drug summit, as this has long been a promised part of Labor’s platform.” […]

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Health Experts Back Drug Checking

On Monday September 11th,  Fair Treatment Partner Unharm launched an open letter calling for the NSW State Government and Premier Chris Minns to step up, and create drug checking services with urgency. Summer is coming quickly, and with a likely return of El Nino, it will be a scorching summer. What we know, is that […]

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Premier’s position on drug policy reform must be evidence-based 

Uniting NSW.ACT has appealed to NSW Premier Chris Minns to not slam the door on evidence-based drug reform in this term of Government. NSW families who are experiencing drug dependency can’t afford to wait years for evidence-based and harm-reducing drug policy reform in NSW.  Outgoing Moderator of the Uniting Church Synod in NSW and the […]

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