Drug Summit

99ers Parliamentary Event

The 1999 Drug Summit- almost 25 years on, its impacts on New South Wales are still felt, and when we look towards a future Drug Summit, where better to start? On Wednesday the 29th of November, the Fair Treatment Campaign held an event in Parliament, bringing together key voices in government and drug law reform […]

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Budget Disappointment: Drug Summit Missing from Funding

The NSW Government launched the State Budget on the 19th, and there was a big thing missing- the drug summit. Professor Dan Howard, leader of the Ice Inquiry, said that “It is astonishing that there is nothing in this budget for a drug summit, as this has long been a promised part of Labor’s platform.” […]

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Moderator of Uniting Church NSW & ACT Calls for Political Courage

This article contains quotes from the Sydney Morning Herald, for which it reached the front page. Credit to Caitlin Fitzsimmons. You can read the article on their website here. The Uniting Church was in the media once again this week, with New Moderator of the Uniting Church in NSW and the ACT Faaimata Havea Hiliau […]

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