Chief Minister Barr – Let’s Get it Right!

Let’s Get it Right!

The ACT Government is about to act – let’s help them get it right!

The Drugs of Dependence (Personal Use) Amendment Bill 2021 is a great opportunity to create fair, compassionate and evidence-based legislation. But everyone knows the current Bill needs amendment. There are some simple solutions we can put in place now and make sure we get it right.

An email is a one way to voice your support for more consistent, compassionate, and effective drug legislation. We have provided a form you can fill out to quickly and easily call on the ACT’s Chief Minister Andrew Barr to support the Bill and ongoing drug reform.

We encourage you to edit the text provided and personalise your message. Tell Chief Minister Barr about yourself, where you come from and what community, organisation, church or group you represent. Most importantly, we hope you can share your story and why drug legislation reform is important to you!

Key Issues

All people, all substances: The more significant the issues associated with the use of a substance, the more appropriate a health and welfare response (including mental health) is. These responses are even more appropriate for methamphetamine than it is for other drugs like cannabis.

Threshold quantities: Thresholds should reflect community use including the use patterns of people living with drug dependency, otherwise the Bill won’t work to provide alternatives to punishment for people caught with drugs for personal use.

Responses to personal possession: The provision of information, referrals to services or no further response best fit with a health and welfare approach. Fines have a higher burden on people already experiencing disadvantage and can increase the issues that lead to drug dependency.

Consultation: Since people who use drugs are the most affected by the legislation, it’s important to include them in their design

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