Can you contact your MP and urge the Premier and the Government to keep its promise for a 5 day Drug Summit in Parliament? It’s easy using the form below!

We have an exciting opportunity ahead of us for a Drug Summit in NSW. We need to call on the Government to show leadership, listen to the evidence, and call a Date for a 5 day Drug Summit In Parliament. #5DayDrugSummit #SettheDate

Let your local member know that:

  • We need leadership from the Premier- the Drug Summit must be 5 days, and held in Parliament.

  • With the significance and complexities of the issues at hand, we need adequate time for discussion and consultation. Therefore, a parliamentary summit of a full 5 days like that in 1999,  involving all members of parliament, is absolutely necessary.  

  • This year marks 25 years since the last summit. People experiencing drug dependency and their families deserve the time needed to explore real and meaningful solutions- we can’t do this by halves.

Remember to keep your message personal. Share a story about why this matters to you and lead with your values!

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