Can you contact your MP and urge the Premier and the Government to keep its promise for the Drug Summit? It’s easy using the form below!

We have an exciting opportunity ahead of us for a Drug Summit in NSW. We need to call on the Government to show leadership, listen to the evidence, and call a date for the #DrugSummit2024 for the first quarter of next year!

Let your local member know that:

  • We need leadership from the Premier- the Drug Summit must be in the first quarter of 2024.
  • It’s too early to rule anything out, and will undermine the goodwill of those with lived experience of drug use, their families and loved ones
  • This will also let down those on the frontline in our emergency services, and the many academics, alcohol and drugs experts who support a Drug Summit as an opportunity to re-set the agenda, just like it was in 1999. 
  • We value the inherent worth and dignity of all people including people who use drugs, and our current drug laws cause harm. We need to make change to care for our community!
  • We support the changes in the ACT and Queensland, and applaud their politicians for listening to the evidence.
  • NSW cannot wait for 3 and a half years to change our drug laws when our community is suffering now.
  • Decriminalisation is an evidence-based policy and was a recommendation of the ice inquiry, as well as the experts in the sector. We want the government to engage with evidence.

Remember to keep your message personal. Share a story about why this matters to you and lead with your values!

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