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At their Synod meeting in 2016, the Uniting Church in NSW & the ACT resolved to support and advocate for the decriminalisation of illicit drugs. Since 2018, the Fair Treatment campaign has been led by Uniting NSW.ACT along with 70 partner organisations. 

By treating drug use as a health issue, instead of a criminal justice issue, lives can be changed for the better. People experiencing drug dependency can be treated with care and compassion, supported with options for harm reduction and treatment, and deaths from overdose can be avoided. Deaths like the son of Marion McConnell, Uniting Church member and Fair Treatment Advocate. 


We’re asking you to incorporate this into your service on Sunday, and to let us know how it went!


Watch our video about why members of the Uniting Church should support drug law reform. 


Pray the Fair Treatment Prayer, written by past Moderator Rev. Simon Hansford. 

God of life,  
We are amazed that you place humanity at the heart of creation, 
shaping us in your image, with breath and love,  
and name us as very good. 
Help us to see each and every one 
as an image of you,  
to name and know their worth,  
and to offer them life and justice. 
God of healing,  
we pray for those with wounded lives, 
who experience brokenness,  
through their own addiction,  
or the illness of those they love.  
Help us to serve them,  
to challenge and care for them, 
to help them discover their value 
as human beings, reflections of your image 
and to find life again.  
We pray for those who grieve,  
may they find the peace they need, 
and a heart for those who have similar struggles.   
God of justice,  
Your prophets cried out for those  
whose lives are crippled  
by injustice, 
by a community prejudiced to those in power. 
Help us to be advocates  
for those who cannot speak, or act, for themselves,  
for those who need hope more than judgment.  
Let us offer treatment  
for those who are suffering, not punishment; 
let us create avenues of hope,  
not structures which deny life. 
Give us strength for this journey,  
and companions on the way,  
and may the hope of Jesus, the crucified and risen one,  
light our path at every step. 

Take action 

Take some action to support the Fair Treatment campaign. This may include: 

  1. Taking a photo with a sign and post it to your church’s social media page 
  1. Following Fair Treatment on Facebook and Instagram 
  1. Write letters to your local MP about a 5-day Parliamentary Drug Summit 

If your congregation would like to participate in this action, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jono Row (Church Collaboration Lead – Advocacy) at or 0403 242 360.